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The regular meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Student Council report:  A pep assembly for the spring sports season was held, much like the Homecoming and Snowfest assemblies, including introduction of spring sports teams and playing games.  This was the first time, or at least in a long time, this was held.

The meeting agenda, April board meeting minutes, and treasurer’s report were approved with no changes.

Public comment:  None

The board approved the purchase of 250 new Chromebooks.  Money had been set aside in ESSER funds for this purchase, as many of the Chromebooks the district owns now are expiring this year.

Replacement of the countertops in the remaining boys and girls bathrooms throughout the district was approved and will be completed during the summer.

The first reading of NEOLA policy updates, Vol. 36, No. 2 – February 2022 was approved.

The board approved the Resolution of Approval for the JCISD Preliminary 2023 Fiscal Year Budget.

Superintendent Denney reported to the board members on the following:

  • The state is working on the school state aid budget.  The governor, house, and senate have all proposed different budgets.  Supt. Denney presented a table to the board that shows how inflation has affected state aid in the last several years.
  • The Lion King production at the elementary was great.  Congratulations to Kelli Arbuckle, who directed the play.  Also thank you to Matt Childs for running the sound system.
  • The 6’ Kubota mower is all we’re using for mowing right now, as the other mower is still in the shop waiting for winter maintenance to be completed.
  • Seniors’ last day is May 10; Prom is Saturday, May 14; the high school band concert is May 12, and the middle school concert/fine arts festival is May 19; Baccalaureate is May 22; Honors Night is May 26; Graduation is May 27.  The year is winding down fast.
  • The Career Center held a National Signing Day, and seven of our seniors participated in the ceremony.
  • Adam Bulgrien was recognized in Jackson Magazine as one of the county’s top teachers.
  • Staff appreciation was last week.

The board members commented on the following:

  • Those who attended the Lion King production at the elementary were very impressed.
  • Congratulations to Adam Bulgrien, who was named a top teacher.  It exemplifies the quality of teachers we have in the district.
  • The board is glad to see we are able to purchase new Chromebooks.
  • The district as a whole has a lot of caring people from administration, teachers, and all the support staff.  Everyone does an amazing job.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

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