Mission Statement

The Hanover-Horton School District will maintain an exemplary learning environment, empowering our students to be successful in a global society. Moral character and academic achievement will be attained through strong leadership and quality instruction, enabling all students to reach their maximum potential in our safe and caring schools.

Belief Statements

  • We believe every student can learn.
  • We believe personal achievement enhances self-worth.
  • We believe in setting high expectations for all students.
  • We believe all people have a basic right to be treated equitably and with dignity.
  • We believe strong schools and strong community complement each other and lead to success for all.

Hanover-Horton School District
Board of Education Goals

  1. The Hanover-Horton School Board will foster an academically rich environment that strives to meet the needs of every student.
  2. The Hanover-Horton School Board will provide support and resources to develop and maintain the investment our community has made in our district facilities.
  3. The Hanover-Horton Board of Education will hold itself to the highest standard possible out of respect to the school and community that we serve.