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Held on June 1, 2015

The Board and Superintendent Denney began the evening by honoring many of our student’s achievements for their artwork, poetry and essay contest placements.

Nancy Peters-Lewis, the Executive Director of the College and Career Access Center of Jackson was present this evening.  Nancy wanted us to be aware of their services to our students and counselors. Our district rated very well on making use of the various resources available to our students.  Some of the services they offer are guidance and help in GED prep, opportunities in skilled trades training, apprenticeships, military, resumes, cover letters, going back to school, applying at colleges, applying for scholarships and grants.

The Board of Education reluctantly approved the proposed lay-off list.  The Board’s decision will reduce the workforce by nine, two of which were temporary employees throughout this last school year and their positions were not retained.  The boardroom was filled with many present employees, past employees, retired employees and community members expressing their concerns due to the lay-offs.

Our district satisfied seven (7) of the nine (9) possible best practices criteria by the deadline established by the State.  Therefore, the Board passed a resolution to submit the Best Practices Incentive Resolution to the State in hopes to receive the $50 per pupil incentive payment.

Board approved the second reading of the proposed policy updates with NEOLA.

The Board approved a resolution in support of the HB4396 Revision Support Proposal.  The proposal would allow school districts to start school prior to Labor Day as long as school would not be in session the Friday preceding Labor Day.  The Bill would allow each individual district to set their calendars based on what would be the best for their district.

Superintendent Denney requested the opportunity to realign some of the required credits of our Virtual School as a means of saving enrollment with this program that we offer.  Superintendent Denney will review and submit a proposal to the Board at a later date.  He would like to be able to offer options if one of our programs proves unsuccessful to a student.

The Board approved a resolution authorizing an agreement with GLP through OMNI, our third party administrator for employee investments, to allow the 457(B) plan agreement since the effective date of January 2009.

A resolution giving notice of a Budget Hearing to take place at the June 15, 2015 meeting at 6 p.m. was approved.

The Jackson County Intermediate School District annually distributes their upcoming school year’s budget to each of their districts requesting their approval of or their disapproval of the JCISD proposed budget through a resolution.  Our Board approved the JCISD budget as presented.

JCISD requested a resolution appointing a representative from our own district to vote on our board’s behalf for a specific candidate to fill a position on the JCISD Board.  The Board had appointed Joe Childs to act as our representative.

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