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Superintendent Denney reviewed our budget information during the budget hearing held at 6 p.m. prior to the regular scheduled board meeting.  Estimated enrollment for the fall is 1120, which is lower than our spring count.  Superintendent Denney is optimistic about receiving somewhat of an increase in the student foundation allowance.  Until the audit is done, we will not know for sure how the district did overall.  Some of the factors we have used to help reduce our costs have been:  tightened spending, purchasing used items as opposed to new, Technology Bond, shared services, privatizing coaches and substitutes, offered Voluntary Severance Plan, and contracted social work.  Our concerns are enrollment, maintaining programs, maintaining class sizes, low fund balance and insurance, fuel and utility costs.  Some of our district’s strong points are high student achievement, strong music and athletic programs, adding Young 5’s Program, expanding pre-school options, dedicated staff, security and technology upgrades, and an outstanding facility.  Superintendent Denney did provide information on our 2017 Tax levies.  The levies do show the decrease in the millage rate of the sinking fund to compensate for the new technology bond so as not to exceed 1 mill total for the two levies.

The annual athletic camps of the cross country team and the girl’s basketball team were approved by the Board.

Nancy Peters-Lewis of the College and Career Access Center of Jackson (CCAC) was present this evening to help explain how they work collaboratively with the schools to provide tools and guidance to our students.  They work with our students to help them plan their course as to how the student can achieve their career goals.

The Jackson County Sherriff’s Department will be providing a Liaison Officer to our district again this year.  The Board understands the significance of this program based on the comments from the administrators.

Superintendent Denney spoke of the work study session that is scheduled for June 19 at 6:30 in the Library Media Center.  The work study session will be for the Board to review and revise their goals along with how they will align their goals with the evaluation of the superintendent.

The School Board of Education will have their July Organizational meeting on July 17 at 6:30 p.m. in the Library Media Center.

The annual membership resolution of the MHSAA was approved.

The Board of Education must approve the elected officers of the Band Boosters in order for them to be covered under the school’s umbrella policy.  The 2017-2018 Band Booster Officers are as follows:  President – Danna Woolsey and Diane Anderson, Vice President – Shellie Hall, Treasurer – Amie Schittenhelm, and Secretary – Kelly McClain.

A $250,000 School Building and Technology Ratification Resolution was approved, honoring the bid to County National Bank.

The annual Proposed Property Tax Millage Rates was approved by the Board.

The 2016-2017 Amended Budget and the 2017-2018 Budget Adoption was approved.

Superintendent’s Report consisted of the following:

  • Superintendent Denney thanked the elementary staff for their help and support of his own children.  His youngest will be entering the middle school next year.
  • It has been a great year.  A bad day in Hanover beats a good day elsewhere.
  • Starting summer projects – reclaiming bricks, switches ready to be installed.
  • Once the technology base has been set, a discussion with the teachers and their needs will take place.
  • Working on class loads and schedules.
  • Comcast and Facebook doing very well with showcasing how great our district is.
  • Hopefully we will know the scores of MEAP later this summer.
  • Thank you Board Members for your service to our district.

The Board of Education expressed their pleasure to serve in the district and how proud they are of the district.  Members were very pleased with the graduation ceremony.

The Board went into closed session to discuss a negotiated personnel item.


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