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The Board and Superintendent Denney recognized the Junior Medal of Honor recipients for February.  Also, this evening, award winning students for essays submitted to the Susan B. Anthony, the America and Me, and the Teressa T. Delph Essay/Oratorical Contests were recognized.

Thank you notes were acknowledged from the Tallis family for the donation to the greenhouse in honor of John Tallis, from Mrs. Shelley Job for the sponsorship ad submitted in the Susan B. Anthony Awards Dinner program, and thank you notes to the Board from the Hanover Horton Education Staff for their service and dedication.

Student Council is winding down for the year.  They were interested in the board’s input on the wagons during Snowfest.  A suggestion was shared to continue with the wagons in the upcoming years but also adding the spirit wall decorations to the gym for the community to enjoy.

Chris Hobson during public comment reminded the board members of March is Reading Month.  The elementary staff wanted to thank Superintendent Denney and Mr. Schuette for their participation in reading to the elementary students.  An invitation to come and read was passed on to the other board members and anyone else that would like to do so.

Becky LaFollette wanted to thank the Superintendent and the Board for making the Medal of Honor such an awarding experience for the students and their families.

Two gentlemen presented the Governor’s Talent Investment Board (GTIB), Mr. Frank Ferro, Manager of the Governor’s Talent Investment Board and Mr. Mark Alyea, Chairman.  The presentation was very informative showing the various career opportunities available in our state, stating the going wages and what education was needed to qualify.  “The role of the GTIB is to facilitate improvements in the labor market climate in the State of Michigan that enhance the incomes and career opportunities for Michigan residents.  With its majority of employers, GTIB uniquely mixes the voices of the business community with government”.  The key is how to prepare Michigan K-14 students for today’s advanced skills careers which are higher paying than ordinary entry-level positions and can be achieved without a full four-year degree.  The discussion was informative to the Board and to the presenters hearing feedback from the education community.

A date has been suggested by the Board, awaiting confirmation, on the training for the new Superintendent Evaluation tool.  Their training will be for approximately 3.5 hours to complete.

Options for Board Goals direction was presented to the Board.  At this time, the Board would like to meet in a number of workshops throughout the summer months to update their goals. Some of the workshops will be including the input of the staff and the community.

The Board accepted the resignation of Mrs. Carey Baumgardner for next school year with regrets.

Superintendent Denney reported to the Board members on the following:

  • MASB will be holding a press conference at 8:30 a.m. on March 21 pleading the need to keep State dollars in the public schools and not in the private schools
  • The plans to the entrance way of the middle school is underway
  • The athletic boosters bought a second used golf cart for the district.  Both of the districts golf carts were repainted at a very reasonable cost by Career Center students
  • Reminder the Bond Election is coming up on May 2, along with the JCISD renewal.

The Board Members expressed their enjoyment in the Junior Medal of Honor Program and the accomplishments of our students through their writings.  The Board was very impressed and excited about the GTIB.

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