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Hanover-Horton School District

Board of Education Meeting in Review

January 16, 2017

 The Oath of Office was recited by two re-elected Board Members, Gary Schuette and Joe Childs; and also recited by our newest elected member Tim Evans.

 Superintendent Denney brought the meeting to order until the election of the 2017 School Board President was established.  Christine Vincent will remain the Board President and all remaining board offices remained as they were in 2016: Vice-President Gary Schuette, Secretary Joseph Childs, and Treasurer Leon Densmore.

The Board of Education and Superintendent Denney recognized the Jr. Medal of Honor recipients for the month of December.  Congratulations.

January is School Board Recognition Month.  Superintendent Denney and administrators expressed their appreciation to our wonderful Board Members.

Student Council will have a meeting Wednesday morning to finalize Spirit Days and Snowfest dance.  Snowfest is scheduled for January 27 against Vandercook Lake.  The students will not be decorating the halls or gym this year.  The students will decorate a class wagon.

The Quarterly Board Goals update was presented to the Board and approved.  The Board hopes to meet sometime in March for a workshop to review their goals and receive the MASB evaluation training.

During the last legislative session, the rules for the sinking funds were changed.  Unfortunately, we requested renewal of our sinking fund prior to the new rules.  We are not able to take advantage of the new rulings unless we take another sinking fund millage proposal to the voters.  The Board has agreed to bring this to the voters at the May election.  In addition, the Board also passed their own resolution stating that they would stop collections of the previous Sinking Fund if this one is passed.

Superintendent Denney reported on a few areas of interest in his superintendent’s report:

  • We came through the power outage pretty good.  Did have an issue with Alert Solutions when no power is available.  Also, one of the incoming fiber switches to our computer services went bad and had to be replaced.  Luckily this was a Consortium expense.
  • Superintendent Denney investigated what the costs would be to do some radio advertising for our district.  At a cost of $4,000, he didn’t feel this would be a worthwhile expense at this time.
  • A big thank-you to our Board members for all they do for the Hanover Horton School District.  January is School Board Appreciation Month.  The Board goes unnoticed many times, and we would like to thank you for your time, energy and thoughtfulness.

Once again the Board of Education expressed their gratitude for the Jr. Medal of Honor program.  It is very rewarding to see the expressions of the young students as they are noticed for their kind deeds.    Joe, Gary and Tim gave their thanks for supporting them to serve on the Hanover Horton’s Board of Education.  One of our Board members was approached a few days ago with the following comment, “I heard a rumor about Hanover Horton Schools.  I heard they had the best academics around.”  The staff has many reasons to be proud of the test scores our students have achieved.

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