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Superintendent Denney and the Board of Education were happy to honor the fall athletic award winners for football, girls golf, volleyball, and cross country.

Mitchell Schuette, Student Council Representative, read a report on Student Council activities.

Mrs. Denise Bergstrom and Mr. Isaac Cottrell presented student achievement updates to the Board.  The middle school and high school School Improvement teams have been working together for the past several months to analyze grades 6-12 SAT data and have found this to be very advantageous.  Mrs. Bergstrom showed testing scores for grades 6-8 for the last three testing cycles and how each subject’s (math, science, ELA, and social studies) scores compared to county and state results.  She explained how the staff has been defining weaknesses and areas of focus.  Likewise, Mr. Cottrell also explained testing scores for high school students over the course of the last three years and identified areas of growth and trends in test results.

The Board voted to approve the Resolution to participate in the Jackson Early College Program.  This Resolution gives Superintendent Denney the authority to execute the Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement on behalf of the Hanover-Horton School District, and well as represent the district as a member of the Jackson County Early College Steering Committee.

The Board approved the Michigan Municipal Finance Qualifying Statement, which is submitted to the State of Michigan on an annual basis.

Superintendent Denney reported to the Board members on the following:

  • Superintendent Denney thanked the Board members and union presidents on staff who were a part of the recent contract negotiations.
  • The recognition by the state Senate of the cross country teams was a very nice experience.
  • Superintendent Denney wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Board went into closed session at 7:48 p.m. to discuss contract negotiations and salaries for non-union employees.

The new Master Agreements with the Hanover-Horton Education Association and the Hanover-Horton Educational Support Personnel Association, as well as salary adjustments for non-union employees, were approved.

The Board came out of closed session at 10:01 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

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