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Once again Joe Childs will be the Board’s representative for the MASB delegate assembly.

The bread and milk bids were presented to the Board.  They have elected to continue with Aunt Millies and Prairie Farms again this year.

Superintendent Denney informed the Board of the Middle College Concept.  The local superintendents have been reviewing this for a few years.  Western Michigan University has now shown interest in being part of this.  The superintendents will meet again this week to continue their discussions.  We should have more information at the next meeting.

The second reading of the three NEOLA updates presented to the Board was approved as presented.

Superintendent Denney and Allegiance Health have been searching throughout the summer for a School Social Worker and have not had any luck.  They are continuing this search and hope to find one soon.

The Board approved with regrets the resignation of Mike Connor.  Mike will be pursuing his lifelong dream of flying.  The Board wishes him the best.

The elementary hired two new teachers to replace two that had resigned.  The Board approved and welcomed Lindsay Pond and Chris VanEpps.  Lindsay will be teaching Kindergarten and Chris will be teaching fourth grade.

When our bond passed in May, the necessary information was not available to present in a budget format for the Budget Hearing.  The information is now available and was approved by the Board showing adjustments to reflect the Capital Revenues and Expenditures.  This adjustment has not affected the budget, just the accounts are now set and will be able to be audited easier.

Superintendent’s Report consisted of the following:

  • The middle school entryway has received a temporary occupancy permit.  The project took longer than anticipated due to set backs from the State.  The delays backed up contractors, causing extra hours into the weekends.  Mark will continue with the finish work, including the benches.  Windows are on order for the exterior door and will be installed as soon as available.
  • The next project will be the lighting.  After reviewing the best way to implement the new lighting it would be best to start in the middle school, continue to the high school and then the elementary.  This will provide for the least classroom interruptions.
  • Superintendent was very pleased with the open houses of the various buildings during orientation night.
  • After all of the budget adjustments were made at year end, the 2016-2017 fund balance should be around four percent.
  • Student enrollment is currently 13 – 14 students above what was budgeted.  That number could still change up or down until count day.  Our fall count day will be October 4.
  • Our athletic fields are showing a little brown at the moment due to the weed control that was applied.  Unfortunately we had a form of sedge weed growing in our fields and had to be treated.  The fields should look better in 2-3 weeks.
  • The soccer dugouts should be completed in a week or so.
  • We have had a smooth start to the school year.
  • Our phone system is up and running.  The security cameras and PA system should be installed within the next couple months.

The Board of Education wanted to express their appreciation to our custodial staff for all the work they put into our buildings.  The buildings look great.  The Board members are appreciative of the information that is provided to them through the building reports.  This month in particular revealed to the Board members the reasons why some students have left the district.

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