Board Meeting in Review – September 18, 2017

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Kyle Drake attended the meeting to present the audit of the 2017 financial statements.  Overall, his opinion was that 2017 was a good year financially and that the future looks very good.

Superintendent Denney provided an update on the high school/middle school PA system improvements, which are scheduled to start in October.  The Board asked about the possibility of making improvements to the elementary system as well, as there are some problems with it, and the bid for the high school/middle school came in much lower than expected.  Superintendent will look into those options for the elementary and will bring his findings to next month’s board meeting.

The Middle College concept that is being worked on by the county superintendents is still being discussed, however, some of the potential partners are asking for more time to work through their channels.  More information will be shared at next month’s board meeting.

The middle school entryway will be finished being built and the benches and counters installed after Mark Hubbard gets back from vacation on September 25th.

The lighting project is continuing throughout the buildings.

Superintendent Denney will meet with the principals to move forward with the security camera updates.  Bids are expected to be available at the next board meeting.

Baker College donated 108 used computers, 150 monitors, and 15 laptops to our school.  Plans are to use these computers to replace the laptop computers currently in Room 135 and send those laptops to the elementary.  There is also the possibility of creating a new lab in the middle school.  The remaining computers will be used to upgrade various computers throughout the district as needed.

Dugouts at the soccer field are still under construction, but are expected to be completed shortly.

The Board discussed what they would like to know regarding student achievement from test scores, etc.  There was a general consensus that they would like a synopsis of testing results and possibly where our district stands compared to other schools.

Plans were discussed by the Board to hold one or more workshop planning meetings as to the Board’s goals for the future.  The Board would like to set meaningful and measureable goals that have a positive impact on our students.  They would also like to get input from teachers, school improvement committees, and the community in this process to help identify strengths/weaknesses of the Board.

At this time, Superintendent Denney is looking into options for a school social worker.

The hiring of our new Transportation Supervisor, Logan Beckwith, was approved, and he will start working for the district next week.

The hiring of Krista Scharpenberg, who worked for the district last year as a long term sub for Carrie Baumgardner, was approved.  She will continue her roles in the high school and middle school.

The Superintendent’s Report consisted of the following:

  • Homecoming activities, such as the parade, powderpuff football, dress-up days, etc. are taking place this week.
  • The Board was asked their thoughts on not charging for tickets for the graduation at the Potter Center.  More discussion will take place at next month’s meeting.
  • The Board would like to extend best wishes to Mike Connor, who is leaving Hanover-Horton after 17 years as Transportation Supervisor for another job as a pilot.
  • The Board also offers congratulations to Cindy Weaver, who is retiring on October 3rd after 30 plus years of service to the district as a secretary and Administrative Assistant.

The Board of Education wanted to express their appreciation to teachers and administration for the extra hours they put in and whose work day does not end with the school day.

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