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The regular meeting was held starting at 6:40 p.m.

Rep. Julie Alexander presented to Chad Mortimer, former boys varsity basketball coach, and Gary Hull, former boys assistant varsity basketball coach, a Tribute by the State of Michigan for their many years of successful coaching at Hanover-Horton.

The meeting agenda was changed to move Item 1 under letter D, Personnel, to the first item under Board Business, and letter H, Administrative Contract Extensions, was moved to take place before the closed session. The May meeting minutes and treasurer’s report were approved with no changes.

The hiring of Mrs. Lauren Kyser for the assistant principal position was approved by the board.  Mrs. Kyser was a 1997 graduate of Hanover-Horton High School and has been teaching since 2003, most recently at Western High School.

The organizational meeting of the board will take place on July 12, 2021, when the board meeting schedule for the 2021-22 school year will be approved.

The board passed the annual MHSAA Membership Resolution for the 2021-22 school year.  This resolution must be approved annually in order for our district’s sports programs to play in MHSAA tournaments.

The board reapproved the district’s current COVID-19 Learning Plan, which is required monthly.  This should be the last month that the learning plan is reported for 2020-21.  Supt. Denney shared the following two-way interaction rates for May and June 2021:

May                                                       June

Week 1 – 75.17%                                 Week 1 – 80.42%

Week 2 – 78.96%                               Week 2 – 80.38%

Week 3 – 78.83%

Week 4 – 78.54%

Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan Public Comment:  None

The 2021 Tax Rate Request was approved by the board.  This is the millage request report that goes to the county and township treasurers and clerks annually.

The 2020-21 amended budget was reviewed at the budget hearing prior to the regular meeting.  The amended budget was presented at the regular meeting and approved by the board.

The 2021-22 preliminary budget was reviewed at the budget hearing prior to the regular meeting.  The preliminary budget was presented at the regular meeting and approved by the board.

The board adopted a Resolution Authorizing Issuance of Notes in Anticipation of the State School Aid Note for the 2021-22 school year.

The purchase of 35 math textbooks was approved, in order to allow the high school to reinstate a pre-algebra class for next school year.  This will be at a cost not to exceed $1,500.

The purchase of high school and middle school social studies curriculum from McGraw Hill was approved, at a cost not to exceed $72,264.52.

The board approved the extension of administrative contracts for another year.  After the Personnel Committee met recently, it was determined that the contracts need to be updated so that they are uniform in the way they are laid out.  No changes to salaries or benefits will be made with that update.

Superintendent Denney reported to the board members on the following:

  • A special thank you to everyone, staff, support staff, parents, and students for the job they did this year.
  • Thank you to Chad Mortimer and Gary Hull for everything they have done for the boys basketball program.
  • Thank you to the senior class advisors, the Lucas family for building the graduation stage, our maintenance crew, and Matt Childs for help with the sound system for graduation.  The fireworks were paid for by donations.  We are looking forward to holding graduation at the Potter Center next year.
  • We had three all-state track athletes:  Kathryn Childs (hurdles), Rogan Melling (3200m), and Dean Reynolds (800m state champion).
  • The boys golf team placed 3rd in the state tournament on a 2nd place tie-breaker.
  • Kristi Swihart’s flower box project at the middle school has been completed through Academic Service Learning.
  • Third graders have been painting interactive playground markings on the elementary track.
  • The summer meal program begins on Wednesday, June 16, 2021.  Seven days’ worth of breakfasts and lunches will be distributed from the high school kitchen each week.
  • Free breakfasts and lunches for all students will be continued next school year.

The board members commented on the following:

  • Thank you to all staff for everything they have done to get through this school year; it shows that we can go through tough times and finish.  Despite all the difficulties, we had a lot of successes, and it says a lot about everyone fighting through this process.  We are hoping that next year will be closer to normal.
  • Welcome to Lauren Kyser as assistant principal.
  • We will miss Chad Mortimer and Gary Hull as basketball coaches.
  • It is exciting to see kids gaining life skills, and it will be nice to see what next year will bring.
  • Board members were glad to be able to hand out diplomas at graduation.
  • Teachers have done a great job in seeing that kids get a good education.

The board went into closed session at 7:50 p.m. to discuss administrative contracts.

The regular meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

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