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Three returning board members, Chris Vincent, Leon Densmore, and Chris Blackledge, along with one new member, Gail Proctor, took their Oath of Office last evening.  The members of the board voted to keep the current officers in their perspective titles:  Chris Vincent – President, Gary Schuette – Vice President, Joe Childs – Secretary and Leon Densmore – Treasurer.

January was designated as School Board Recognition Month by Governor Rick Snyder.  The members of the board were presented with cards from staff, cards from students, poster by students and two videos from students stating their thank yous to the board.

Student Council reported Snowfest activities.  Hall decorating will begin on January 28 and there will be a Snowfest dance following the game on January 30.

Superintendent Denney reviewed the updates of the quarterly board goals. Academically – Options for replacing Data Director is currently being investigated county wide.  After school programs will begin after the start of the second semester for the middle and high schools.  The elementary will be providing their Night Light program.  Academic opportunities have increased through JAC3 Middle College, Unbundled options, and the AP courses we are currently providing.  Facilities – The weight room is completed and a new roof for the elementary is being reviewed for next year.  Mark Hubbard has been working with Consumers Energy on additional ways to reduce energy usage through updating to more LCD lighting.  The JCISD is taking bids for updating our phone system, approximately $45,000 for the upgrade.  The phone system is old and running on borrowed time.  Our district is compliant with the new nutritional standards.  The new guidelines have presented very unhappy students, which creates challenges to help them adjust.  The district continues to monitor School of Choice.  Approximately 35% of our enrollment is school of choice students.  A loss of enrollment has been felt this past fall due to lack of housing and rentals available in our district.

Balanced Calendar Updates were presented to the board.  Currently the superintendents in Jackson County are communicating with the staff and public on the pros and cons of this concept.  The superintendent’s are reviewing this concept cautiously.

The Board has elected to postpone the ballot proposals for our millage renewal and our sinking fund renewals until the August ballot.

Highlights of the Superintendent’s Report:

  • ACT vs. SAT, may not be a done deal for SAT to replace ACT
  • Don’t expect more funding from the state for next year
  • State Superintendent Flannigan will be retiring soon
  • A research study will be conducted by a nonpartisan group to see how much it truly costs for education
  • Government is realizing that tax breaks given to businesses has not been working.  People are not buying and they are not finding the jobs.

The board members felt very humbled by the thanks they had received.  The members of the board expressed their thanks to the staff for their jobs well done to make the board’s job easier.  The members welcomed their newest board member, Gail Proctor.

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