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Hanover-Horton School District
Board of Education Meeting in Review
January 18, 2016

Superintendent Denney brought the meeting to order until the election of the 2016 School Board President was established. Christine Vincent will remain the Board President and all remaining board offices remained as they were in 2015: Vice-President Gary Schuette, Secretary Joseph Childs, and Treasurer Leon Densmore.

The Board of Education and Superintendent Denney recognized the Jr. Medal of Honor recipients for the month of December. They were Bryce Griffis, Brynn DeGlee, Audrey Swihart, Nicholas Sorrow, Bayli Stewart, Evan Shepherd, Kaylan Royal, and Mrs. Kate Lee. Congratulations.

January is School Board Recognition Month. Superintendent Denney and administrators expressed their appreciation to our wonderful Board Members.

Mr. Jeff Steers from the Exponent was present this evening and introduced himself. The Exponent will be covering most of the Jackson County school districts by April. We should be able to expect them more often to cover our district news and events.

The Jackson County School District Superintendents have been diligently working on a waiver through the Michigan Department of Education to allow us to start school prior to Labor Day and to create a countywide common calendar. The MDE has informed the JCISD that their intent is to send a letter honoring the waiver. As of yet, the waiver has not been received. Our Board has approved a resolution supporting the concept of the countywide common calendar.

The Quarterly Board Goals update was presented to the Board and approved.

Superintendent Denney provided the Budget Amendments to the Board. The overall budget reflects a more positive adjustment in part due to lower utility bills, lower diesel costs and having a teacher on an extended leave. Also, our fall enrollment was a bit higher than originally projected and unemployment costs were bit lower. The Board approved the amendments as presented.

The Board approved a year extension of contracts for the superintendent, building principals, and supervisors. The Board also approved adding a three tier pay scale to the RTI instructors as presented. Earlier this school year pay increases were negotiated with the union employees. The Board approved increases for the nonunion employees based on the recommendations of the personnel committee.

Superintendent Denney reported on a few areas of interest in his superintendent’s report:
• The recent “Gag Order” bill that was signed into law by Governor Snyder is being reviewed and a resolution to revise it is in the works. The law currently bans the government and schools from publicly pointing out the various points of explanation on a ballot proposal for 60 days prior to an election date. The only explanation that can now be given during those 60 days to the public is the actual ballot proposal wording.
• The outcome of the Detroit schools may have an impact on the schools foundation allowance
• A big thank-you to our Board members for all they do for the Hanover Horton School District. January is School Board Appreciation Month.

Once again the Board of Education expressed their gratitude to two of our elementary teachers for bringing the Jr. Medal of Honor program to our elementary school, Becky LaFollette and Chris Hobson. The Board could see how these students enjoy their recognition and the pride shown from the parents. The Board also commended our teaching staff for their dedication in the education of our students. The staff has many reasons to be proud of the test scores our students have achieved.

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