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The regular meeting was held starting at 6:00 p.m.

The high school Student Council reported that Snowfest activities, including the pep assembly, dance, and hall decorating all went well.

The meeting agenda, January minutes, and treasurer’s report were approved with no changes.

Public comment:  None

The board approved the preliminary plans for the band, and possibly the choir, to take a trip to Disney in November, 2023.

Superintendent Denney updated with board with some information from the food service department.  Gordon Food Service recently released a report showing their forecast of price increases during 2022.  Wholesale food costs have increased 13.99% in the last year, and approximately 25% of the food ordered for our district is out of stock.  Also, the Michigan Dept. of Education recognized our Food Service Dept. for serving 159,354 meals during the 2020-21 school year.  The food service staff, along with help from the Michigan National Guard and Lomar Machine, also distributed over 22,000 Farmer-to-Family food boxes last school year.  Thank you to our hard working food service staff!

The board authorized a resolution to issue bonds for the purpose of borrowing against our future sinking fund collections.  This will allow the district to address more quickly some of the major items on our wish list, such as refurbishing the track, installing air conditioning in the remaining gyms and cafeterias, and addressing parking lots.

The board was presented with a quote to replace the countertops in the student/community restrooms.  They approved the replacement of the countertops in the two high school bathrooms nearest the gym at this time, with others to be done throughout the district as we have more information on the cost of the other ongoing projects throughout the coming summer.

The countywide common calendar committee is recommending a change to the JCISD for the 2022-23 school year calendar.  The change would reflect Christmas break starting with a half day on December 23rd, and the return to school on January 9th.  The last day of school for students would be a half day on Friday, June 9th.

The board approved the first reading of NEOLA Nondiscrimination and Harassment policies, as well as NEOLA Vol. 36 No. 1 policy updates.

As required by law, Superintendent Denney presented the Section 98b Goal Progress Report to the board.  This report breaks down building goals for student achievement in reading and math and achievement or growth on benchmark assessments.  Hanover-Horton students in all grade levels have shown growth in the percentage of students at or above grade level since the fall.

Superintendent Denney reported to the board members on the following:

  • The Kindergarten parent meeting will be held on March 16, with Round-up on April 11-13th.
  • The governor’s budget plan includes a per-pupil increase of over $430 plus bonuses to school employees.  The House and Senate will put their budget together in the next month, so we’ll see where it ends up.
  • Thank you to food service staff for everything they do to feed our students and families.
  • Congrats and good luck to winter athletes.  Winter schedules are wrapping up.  The wrestling team just won their second district championship.
  • The artwork for the new electronic signs has been finalized.

The board members commented on the following:

  • Thank you to Mr. Akers for planning the Disney trip for music students.  Past trips have been a great experience.
  • Hanover Township has plans to re-pave Folks Road between Moscow and Rountree Roads.  They hope to re-pave 10-12 miles of roads in the next three years.
  • Thank you to Diane Anderson for all the time she volunteers to the bowling team.
  • Thank you to Scott Farms for sponsoring the bowling team jerseys.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:02 p.m.

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