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Writers Sweep Writing Contest

Congratulations to the 21st Century Communication writers for taking all 3 places again in 2015 Annual Susan B. Anthony Essay Contest.

First place goes to Paige Ferris with an award of $100.

Second place goes to Dakota Yeaster with an award of $50.

Honorable Mention goes to Brock Spink with an award of a gift card.

 The winners are invited to read their essays at the annual Susan B. Anthony Awards Celebration on March 8, at Cascades Manor House.

The essay contest was done in Mrs. Shelley Job’s class and was sponsored by the Jackson Women’s History Council.

This year’s theme for the 2015 Susan B. Anthony Essay Contest presents the opportunity to weave women’s stories – individually and collectively – into the essential fabric of our nation’s history. There is a real power in hearing women’s stories, both personally and in a larger context. History is being made right now by women who are speaking out about domestic violence.

The scandal of Baltimore Raven’s running back Ray Rice assaulting his then-fiancé in an elevator has brought violence against women into the spotlight once again. Many public figures, including women such as the 2014 Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, have spoken out against domestic and intimate partner violence.

The students were invited to write about a woman who, in responding to this issue through her words or actions, 1) encourages girls and young women to think bolder about the treatment they expect from males and 2) gives boys and men a fuller understanding of the female experience. The woman may come from any walk of life – an artist, writer, a politician, an activist. How do you view this woman’s part of our nation’s history-in-the-making?

The essays needed to be at least 250 words.  Students used at least three research sources, from print or electronic media or personal interview.

The essays were judged on knowledge of subject matter, originality of ideas, and organization.

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