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The Hanover-Horton Middle School Chalk Mural Contest was a Huge Success!
This year’s contest took place on Thursday, May 21st.  Ninety-two middle school artists headed outdoors to take part in the Fourth Annual Chalk Mural Competition.  The success of each mural rode on the artists’ ability to work as a team. The competition is a race against the clock as teams work to complete a large nine foot by nine foot mural in just two and a half hours.  All teams this year came to compete, some teams even had matching shirts made for the contest. From the start of the clock, students were in competition mode. Teams were supplied with a bag of large sidewalk chalks and a package of brightly colored pastels. With their own creativity and some art supplies, students were able to create masterpieces.  This year’s theme was Reading is Powerful. What was Your Favorite Book Growing Up? The winning mural grasped a popular series, Harry Potter, and magically took its viewers inside its pages.  The magically blended scene depicts a beautiful deer in shades of blues and purples, laying across a neutral background. The talented group of artists who won the 2014-2015 Chalk Mural Contest was Mural Group 13:Katie Mortimer, Ellery Cure, Bree Vilminot, and Olivia Wheeler.

2nd Place: (Tie) Mural 14 Yvonne Tribble, Paige Miller, Gabrielle Valentine, Morgan Schwade

This mural opens up our eyes to reading.  The books seem to be floating across the sidewalk. The artists’ use of deep blue shadows created incredible depth.  The open books reveal adventures that any reader can take, if they open up a book. Reading is Powerful when you view the art power that this group possesses.

2nd Place: (Tie) Mural 21 Emily Kughn, Ellery Hill, Allie Archer

A whimsical mural it is! A tribute to the brilliant writings of author, Dr. Seuss, the famous characters climb right out of a book in this brightly colored mural.

3rd PLACE: Mural 4 Judy Rector, Sophie Causie, Kate Piloske

A “Fairy Tale” of a Mural takes its viewers on a colorful adventure.  The characters are all peering out at the viewers as if inviting you to jump on in, and join them in their adventures.

4th Place: Mural 18 Kristen Thompson, Brecquel Kilgore, Brinna Melling, and Haileigh Powell

A powerful 8th grade team started off strong in the competition and finished with a winning mural. Color stands out as the focus of this team’s mural. The mural makes its viewers want to get on the “Magic School Bus” as the adventure opens up in front of our eyes.

5th Place: Mural 8 Raven Stovall, Sarah Gonzalez, Jamie-Lynn Chartier, Hailey Miller

Winning teams that return possess the knowledge to succeed in such a tough competition.  This group worked to make their artistic mark known again for two years in a row. Detail was a focus of this team from the start as they worked to shade their way to a victory.
View more murals and the student artists at work in the slideshow at the right.

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