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Congratulations to Hanover-Horton High School Art Students for their awesome display of work at the Jackson Crossing Mall.  The Art work is in front of the Sears entrance and will be up until May 4th.  There are just over 200 pieces from Art 1, Art 2, and Drawing students.  Judging will take place today and I will update our results.  Art 2 students have painted 5 large murals that are on display in the weight room and Mr. Flint’s room.   These cross -curricular pieces display the muscular and skeletal systems in the weight room and a Diego Rivera -inspired world History Mural depicting events that have occurred throughout history.  It has been an amazing year in the Art room with creativity abundantly flowing around the school.

Congratulations to the following students who were award top prize in the Jackson County Alliance Art Fair
at Jackson crossing Mall last week.

Best of Display:  Alaina Ignotoski, Cairah Perrine, and, Penny Bigham

1st place:  Avery Rich, Penny Bigham, Sarah Seifert, Alaina Ignotoski, Cairah Perrine

2nd Place:  Aryanna Henry, Kayla Utter, Chelsea Woods, Tim Snyder, Diavion McCann, Kate Monske, Kelsie Beckwith, Abigail Zotter, Taylor Zotter, Tori Beckwith

3rd Place:  Trystyn Gilbert, Rachel Dennison, Nic Keinath, JT VanZile, Kelsie Beckwith

Their work will be on display in the Library.

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