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We Love “Our Town”
Comet Pride Stretches outside the School Doors

If you were to drive by Hanover-Horton Middle School on Monday, May 19th, you would have seen a lot of chalk flying as eighty-six Hanover-Horton Middle School students and teachers took part in the third annual Chalk Mural Contest!

This year’s theme was, “My Town. What Makes your town an exciting place to live?”Student pride was evident as viewers strolled down the sidewalks to look at the colorful murals. The large murals showcased many of Hanover-Horton’s iconic buildings as well as Jackson’s significant landmarks.

Student teams were given one package of chalk pastels, a box of sidewalk chalks, and a 9’by 9’ square of sidewalk out in front of the Hanover-Horton Middle School doors.  They worked in teams to transform this drab sidewalk into a work of art in only 2 ½ hours. Students formed teams and have worked as teammates from the beginning stages of the competition all the way through to the last chalk mark on the sidewalk as time was called.

Some teams had participated in the chalk mural competition before and had their own tricks to help their team rise to the top. Some of those veteran artists included the 8th grade group that took first place in the competition.  The first place team was an all 8th grade team of Raegan Cure, Hannah Cain, and Abigail Zotter. The winning mural was a beautifully blended piece representing the natural elements in their town. A bonfire could be seen with the flames rising up and becoming a part of the bright sunset that filled the upper half of the mural.

This year was the first year; a teacher group submitted a sketch for admittance in the competition!  The teachers spent prep hours sneaking out to add to a collaborative piece. The finished piece met this year’s theme by highlighting a Horton icon, the Mill Pond.

Other winning teams included, 2nd place finishers who created a mural that highlighted the 4TH OF July festivities in Hanover.  A 3-dimensional tractor rolled down the street during the 4th of July parade. The buildings were all drawn in one-point perspective as the mural seemed to pop right up off of the cement.

2nd Place: Mural #2

Ella Cure
Katie Mortimer
Bree Vilminot

3rd place:(tie) Mural #7

Lilian Copeland
Aryanna Henry
Christina Pokryfky
Sidney Rutan

An expertisely drawn mural, depicting a couple watching fireworks with their two dogs watching too,showcased this team’s artistic abilities. This team excelled with their incredible use of space and detail!

3rd PLACE: (TIE) Mural 17

Evan Dowling
Kenzie Schmidt
Macy Schuette

School spirit was the theme of this mural. Comet athletics were highlighted in this fiery, colorful mural.

4th Place: Mural 14

Jamie-Lynn Chartier
Sarah Gonzalez
Hailey Miller
Raven Stovall

A powerful 6th grade team started off strong in the competition and finished with a winning mural.  Detail was a focus of this team from the start as they worked to make their large center of interest, the bonfire, look real to their viewers.

5th Place: Mural 19

Jayden Bahlau
Julia Duffrin
Mara Thompson

A tribute to the historical Cascades Falls.  Colorful water splashed all the way down this mural as artist showed off their blending skills.  The beautiful U.S.flag flew at the top of the falls as this team flew straight to a victory.

6th Place: Mural 1

Elizabeth Burmis
Bailey Cole
Deavynn Gumper
Hadley Johnson

What a colorful mural it was!  This mural depicted a bright background with color changes throughout. It was hard for viewers to look past this bright mural as School spirit ruled it with bright fiery comets flying across the top!

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